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bathroom renovations Kew

For a room that is among the most used spaces in a home, your bathroom ought to be an enjoyable place.
But maybe you cannot move around it as comfortably as you used, or the fixtures are getting old and starting to show signs of wear and tear? You have also been toying with the idea of changing the paint colours of your walls at an opportune time?
Maybe it’s about time you renovated your bathroom. If that’s the case, then rest assured that there is no shortage of quality bathroom renovations Kew contractors.

JPPV, the Bathroom Renovation Champs in Kew

For more than two decades, JPPV has been the undisputed champions of top class bathroom renovations Kew. We are known for skill-fully designing and creating superb bathroom designs and renovations in Kew. We have, over the years, built a reputation as the go-to bathroom renovation specialists that can take any idea and turn it into genuinely inspiring bathroom design.
We are happy to have a team of talented bathroom renovation specialists who are proficient in various services like bathroom designs, remodelling, and tiling and waterproofing.

Also, our skilled bathroom renovators have access to a massive range of fixtures, fittings, personal choice items and other bathroom ware.
Apart from being Kew’s premier bathroom renovations company, we also do laundry and kitchen renovations that not only give you value for money, but also quality and style.

Bathroom Renovation Done Right!

As the leading bathroom renovations Kew Company we don’t believe that doing remodelling right stops at offering quality services on time and budget. Rather, we also strive to provide a rewarding and stress-free experience for each and every of our clients. Apart from remodelling your bathroom, we aim to be a trusted advisor to our clients and always put their best interests before anything.
We have a single mission, which is to provide the best quality services and products to our clients, while forging lasting relationships with our customers and offering one-of-a-kind bathroom remodelling experience.

Our Process

First, we create a streamlined installation and remodelling plan using our more than 100 years of combined experience so as to maximise the quality and speed of your bathroom remodel.
We boast an exclusive installation process that cuts out all unnecessary, money-squandering and time-wasting steps that often cause cost overruns and project delays during a bathroom remodel job.
After that, we offer true custom bathroom designs. We incorporate the best bathroom supplies Kew to give you your dream bathroom.
Finally, we provide Kew homeowners with the best, realistic quotes you can find on the market today. True, we know that lots of contractors out there will readily low-ball a bid so us to undercut our price. For us, our price for bathroom remodel will not change once we give you a quote.
The end result is that you get a superior, done-to-perfection, visually stunning custom bathroom. This is often for a lot less than other contractors.
Call us today and share with us what your dream bathroom would be like. Our design team will then take over to make sure your visions are turned into reality. It would be great to hear from you.


Signs it is Time for Bathroom Renovation


1. You Want Something More


Do you think it’s time to change your style? You may feel the entire arrangement isn’t right, or incomplete. Just write a list of what your dream bathroom would be and let us make it happen.

2. Worn Out Decor


It may escape you, but your friends, guests and family might notice that your bathroom is crying out for a makeover. The décor sets the mood for the bathroom. Faucets, mirrors, towel holders, lighting fixtures and cabinets are only a section of the bathroom ambiance. Are these gloomy? It’s time to renovate!


3. Changing Needs

Think of the luxuries you crave most and jot them down. Remember it needs not be complicated as even a minor increase in the size of the mirror can have a dramatic effect. Do you enjoy soaking in a hot steamy bath? Or you want to stand under warmer shower more frequently? If so, you don’t necessarily have to upgrade the tile. We’ll re-glaze it so it has a new look. Your bathroom shouldn’t be a cramped space, but a relaxing haven. The needs are likely to change when your family grows or when kids move out.


4. You plan to sell

One thing that you should do when you want to dispose off your property is to renovate the bathroom. Have a keen look at it and see what might benefit from an upgrade. Most buyers’ attentions are first drawn to the kitchen and bathroom and the state of your bathroom can convince a buyer to do business.


5. It Seems Tiny

Do you feel cramped up in your bathroom? If so, you may want to consider expanding your bathroom. Another alternative is to use a new layout to make the most use of your available space.


6. Obvious Damage

Another reason to renovate is if your bathroom is damaged. Examine the walls, floor or ceiling for signs of water damage. Leaking faucets, leaking pipes, mold infestations and cracked tiles are signs that you should invite bathroom renovations Kew expert into your home.


7. No Storage Space


It is important that everything is easily reachable when you are in the bathroom. In case you have to look for your hygienic products in other parts of the house, it calls for addition of space to your current bathroom. Call the experts at JPPV to discuss a bathroom remodel job.


Benefits of Renovating your Bathroom


  • It improves or corrects faulty features: Faulty features such as toilets that run constantly and cracked floor tiles can seriously add up and affect your bathroom experience. Bathroom renovations Kew help improve or correct these faulty features, making your experience seamless.
  • Allows you to add more luxurious or modern features: A lot of clever, smart and efficient innovations are available for sinks, lighting and toilets among other things. A bathroom remodel job undertaken by us lets you incorporate these state-of-the-art features, and you will wonder why you took so long to renovate your bathroom.
  • Lets you add more space: Many homeowners make a mistake of assuming that they are confined only to the space they have. The bathroom renovations Kew pros at JPPV will tell you how it’s possible to change your bathroom configuration and add more cabinetry, shelving and wall storage.
  • Increases resale value: A properly done bathroom renovation Kew is sure to add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. However, not all renovations will automatically increase your home’s return on investment. A lot depends on the quality of renovations that you undertake. Our bathroom renovations Dandenong include shower screens Kew and quality bathroom tiles Kew among other things.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: Updated bathrooms are valued by potential homebuyers, which is an incentive if you plan to sell your house in future.
  • Greater Efficiency: Our bathroom renovations Kew job includes addition of water-reliant and energy-efficient fixtures like showers, toilets and faucets. Such additions have the impact of drastically reducing your monthly electricity bills.


What do you need to prepare for your bathroom renovation in Kew?

Begin by getting a solid idea for the kind of style and look that you want. Don’t know yet? Don’t worry. Just check out some design ideas on remodelling shows. After that, get in touch with us for free consultation. Your remodelling consultant will instruct you on the exact steps to take. Generally speaking however, you should make efforts to clear out the working area even before consultations begin. Make sure all your personal belongings have been cleared of this area. Also, protect your furniture from using sheets and/or plastics.


How long will a full bathroom renovation or remodel take?


If your bathroom renovation Kew doesn’t involve rewiring, tiling to plumbing, it can be done in just two days. Even if it’s a significant renovation, the job would normally be done within one week.
The period of time it takes to remodel would normally vary. It is dependent on the number of people in the construction crew as well as your bathroom size. Demolition can take one day, wiring and plumbing also the same while another day is required for dry wall and new insulation.
It will take at least three days for the behind-the-scenes changes to be completed. You can expect a moderately-sized bathroom to take 2 weeks for a complete remodel. If you want plumbing supplies Kew that are out of stock, expect the remodel to take even longer.

Why does replacing a tile shower cost so much?

Replacing a shower tile is among the costliest changes you will make to your bathroom. This is because you are not merely adding new tiles but also securing it. It’s important that the surrounding area is treated to ensure that there is a tight water seal and the right drainage. But don’t be put off by the initial expense as it is a precaution to avoiding larger one in case your tile shower doesn’t function properly. It’s the most expensive bathroom repair you will ever do, which is why you must act now to prevent it.
Updating your bathroom not only improves your daily life, but also increases your home value. Do research on all potential improvements and figure out which one is the most appropriate for you.

Why Choose Us?


  • JPPV aims to give you total peace of mind during your bathroom renovations Kew job: We always strive to offer more than what our competitors offer by having a more personalised approach complete with a direct line of communication. Here are reasons why we think we deserve your business more than our competitors:


  • Experience: JPPV is a well-established bathroom renovations Kew and boasts of a solid reputation in the industry. Since being formed 25 years ago, we have renovated hundreds of bathrooms always giving out high-quality and satisfactory work.


  • Award-winning designs: To get a bathroom that addresses all your needs functionally and meets your style and taste, you need to get the design right.


  • Family-run business: This is a small local business operated by a family with lots of years of experience. Being local, we know our customers and understand them better. It also means we are not a fly-by-night company that will run after winning your business. You can trust us to be there whenever you need us.


  • Insurance and warranties: JPPV has all the insurance, permits and licenses needed to run a bathroom renovations Kew. We are here for the long haul.


  • Skilled Tradesmen: We have talented tradesmen who stick to our ethics and standards so you don’t have to worry at all with welcoming them into your home. They take great pride in their work and always ensure to leave your site cleaner than they found it.


  • Fixed price guarantee: Once we give you an offer, it won’t change. You can plan with our quote since there are no cost overruns or ugly surprises on our invoices.

Complete Bathroom Renovations Kew

bathroom renovations KewThese days, a basic bathroom just doesn’t cut it. Your bathroom is not just a small room at the back of the house anymore. Today, bathrooms are upgraded so that they beautiful, stylish and relaxing havens in the home. When renovated, a bathroom can attract great attention, more so from prospective buyers of your property. Not only must bathrooms be practical, but also correctly constructed to properly use light and storage.

At JPPV, we pride ourselves in offering value for money for our clients. We guarantee our customers bathrooms in all styles using impeccably high-quality bathroom supplies Kew and great design. Our work is to make things easy for our customers. We do all the work by ourselves and there are no delays, extra costs or hassles. We guarantee our work for 7 years. If you are fed up with your worn, drab bathroom, call us for a high-quality remodel job. Our expert craftsmen and designers will listen to you and suggest the best possible solution to give you a bathroom you love.